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Goose Breeds
A heavy breed that originated from France.
Colour; Bill, legs and feet are orange. Plumage various shades of grey, each feather laced with a white edging. Paunch & tail are white.
A heavy breed that originated from Germany.
Colour; Bill, legs and feet are bright orange. Tight plumage is glossy white. Head is long and strait, bill is short and stout at the base. Body is broad, thick and well rounded.
Medium size breed originating from Europe near the Danube River and the Black Sea.
Colour; Bill and legs are orange and their eyes bright blue. Sebastopol are known for their long white curly feathers which cover the whole body.
Brown Chinese
A light breed that originated from China. Colour; Brown bill and eyes, with orange legs, body feathers are brown and lighter on the underside of the bird.  
White Chinese
The Australian White Chinese are a light breed that were created & developed by Michael Peel from Camden NSW.
Colour; bright orange bill and legs. Blue eyes, pure white body feathers & a long slender neck
Pilgrims or Australian Settlers
Pilgrim geese are one of the oldest breeds of geese available. They are naturally sex linked with the ganders always being pure white and the geese light grey usually with a white head. Pilgrims are classed as a light breed with the females weighing around 5kgs and the males 6kg.



Cape Baron


Pomeranian / Saddleback



Roman Tufted


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